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Pretty but not functional

This is a pretty little teapot but has one big inherent flaw. Upon brewing my first cup of tea, the lid on the teapot slid off and broke while pouring because there is no seal (gasket); so you must hold the hot lid while barely tilting to pour. It comes with one free replacement lid. After the free replacement lid was received, I used the teapot everyday for almost 2 years. One day, while brewing the water on my glass top range, it loudly popped and the water poured out of the bottom where it smoothly cracked and broke into two pieces - like a knife smoothly sliced it into two pieces. I got my money's worth, but I wouldn’t purchase it again.

American Gongfu Teapot by Redbird Glass

  • $16.50


The perfect gongfu kettle, large cooling vessel, or utility pot. This simple pot is great as a utility vessel. 

It is also a terrific gift for any interested in smaller pot brewing in any style.

Hand-finished borosilicate laboratory glass teapot with lid and removable infuser.

Shatter resistant, highly resistant to thermal shock. 

600 ML/20oz size/450ML/16oz usable capacity.

304 grade Stainless steel removable filter. Thousand of micro-pores mean excellent water flow as well as retention of fine leaf material.

Perfect for one or two.

Glassware is microwave, dishwasher and flame (when filled) safe.

Filter is dishwasher safe.

Glass and Stainless lab tested. FDA and California Prop 65 compliant.