Last Year's Baozhong. Such a Deal. Ping Lin. Spring 2017

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Lightly oxidized teas like Baozhong lose some of their delicate flavor and scent, even well carefully stored.  We've been drinking this Baozhong since last year. It was a lovely batch.  The 2018 from this farmer is now for sale, an is much richer in aroma and taste.  But this one is still lovely and makes a great cold brew. 


Baozhong is a specialty of the Ping Lin region north and east of Taipei in Taiwan. It is oxidized at roughly 12%, putting it closer to green teas.

In the nineteenth century, large quantities of Baozhong were exported from Taiwan to the United States, making it that era's most popular Formosa Wulong.  Naturally fragrant and sweet, this chartreuse-colored tea deserves to be discovered again.

Insulation from direct sun and air is important to prevent further oxidation and loss of its unique flavors.



Great for: cold brew, all-day sipping, lovers of fine green teas and light oolong

Flavors: orchid, tuberose, sweet pea

Recommended Vessels: Glass, glazed porcelain pots or gaiwans. Avoid porous or unglazed vessels, which tend to absorb the floral fragrance.

Brew temperature: 195°

Brew Time:  30 seconds to 2 minutes