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What is American Gongfu

American Gongfu brings you the best of hand-selected teas and speciality tea ware from Taiwan.

Tea has a long and storied history. The varieties of tea and methods and traditions of tea preparation are diverse and at times intimidating to those used to commodity tea bags or who come to tea from the world of coffee.

We take our name from the Chinese gongfu (功夫)style of tea preparation. While gongfu is a formal style of tea serving, requiring very specific tools, knowledge and decorum, the word gongfu itself essentially means "skill". Incidentally, it is also translated as KungFu (yes, THAT kungfu).

Tea is a wonderful beverage, a good friend, and a deep and inviting pastime that is open to all. Perhaps you just want to enjoy higher quality tea than you have been drinking elsewhere. Or you may decide to follow the more esoteric paths of Japanese tea ceremony or Pu'erh storage and aging. Whatever your path, we encourage you to explore tea with an open and fresh mind.

Tea is wonderful. Finding quality whole leaf teas and fine tools that enhance its preparation and enjoyment is part of the journey.  

We invite you to find the things that work for you on this journey - your own particular gongfu


Your friends in tea,

The American Gongfu Team