About American Gongfu

Gongfu (功夫) is the Chinese art of preparing tea with traditional tools and tea ware. Meaning “with skill,"  gongfu encompasses tea selection, preparation, ceremony, knowledge and hospitality.   

American Gongfu is a tea education, consulting and sourcing practice located in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded by James Erb and Jason Young.  We sell fine tea, and we are committed to sustainability and ethically produced tea that preserves craft and tradition.

We are passionate about tea: its history, its many varieties and styles, and the rich social and epicurean experiences one can create through tea.  We teach about tea, and assist those in the hospitality industry with improving their tea service and offerings.
We are active participants in the broader tea community, and  we are committed tofostering all aspects of gongfu:  Water, Leaf, Skill, Knowledge, Hospitality, Spirit.