Fritts Golden Feather Benefit Auction Calendar, Rules and Disclaimers

The Tea Community Benefit Auction for Mike Fritts and Family
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Auction Calendar
Now: Donations of Auction Items
Nov 30th: Preview Gallery Open
Dec 7th-14th:  Auction Open for Bidding
Dec 15th: Winners
Auction Purpose and Disclaimers
  1. American Gongfu is hosting this online auction for the sole financial benefit of Mike Fritts of Golden Feather Tea. 
  2. All software subscriptions, software development work, logistics, auction organization, and other services required to provide this auction service are given pro bono by American Gongfu for benefit of Mike Fritts and family.
  3. American Gongfu provides auction services and support. American Gongfu does not receive or process any funds for auction items.
  4. Any images or other creative content used  in this auction are used with permission of the original owner for the purposes of this auction only.

Auction Rules

    1. All items for bid are donated by members of the tea community (individuals and tea businesses) to the winning bidder in exchange for a donation to the Fritts Family Go Fund Me Campaign in the amount of their bid.
    2. American Gongfu provides the auction platform and services free of charge.
    3. All auction items are held by their original owners until won at auction and a qualifying donation to the Fritts Family Go Fund Me Campaign has been made. 
    4. Winning Bidders will be notified with an email from American Gongfu at the close of Auction. 
    5. Winning Bids will also  be posted on the American Gongfu Benefit Auction page Dec 15, 2018.
    6. Winner Bidders should make  a donation to the Goldenfather Go Fund Me Campaign in the exact amount of their winning bid within 24 hours of notification of their wining bid.
    7. Upon verification of this wining bid donations, auction item donors are provided with the name, contact information and address of the winning bidder and can arrange for transfer of the auction items.
    8. Donors and winners may make arrangement to transfer auction items in person  (most are in the greater Bay Area) or via Fedex or USPS.
    9. Winning bidders wishing to have their items shipped are responsible for any associated shipping and insurance costs.
    10. American Gongfu offers to assist all donors and winners in generation of mailing labels and USPS/Fed Ex Shipping. 
    11. American Gongfu can assist all winners in calculating shipping and insurance costs.
    12. American Gongfu makes no claims regarding the authenticity, value, or provenance of the items offered here for auction. All item descriptions are provided by auction gift donors.