Porcelain and woven bamboo tea table vase

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A donation from Shanghai Tea teacher Su Chen Lee donates woven bamboo vase from Chinese luxury brand Shanand, gifted to her by the designer, Jiang Qiong er.

This is a complete handmade piece from Chinese luxury brand: Shanghai Xia using rare traditional Bamboo weaving techniques “Zhu Si Kou Ci 竹丝扣瓷”. All the bamboo threads were completely chopped by hand into thin threads, before it got weaved around the white porcelain vase. It is one of the rare traditional handcrafts that is disappearing in China. The white porcelain vase was fire in 2440F kiln. 

Shang Xia is a joint venture with French Hermes Group. 
Website: http://www.shang-xia.com
Retail value: http://www.shang-xia.com/four-happiness-bamboo-weaving-vase-set

Dimension: 146mmx169mm