Ruby 18 Red (Hongyu). Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. Summer 2017

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This instant crowd favorite has an interesting pedigree.  Ruby #18  - also know as Red Jade - is the name of a cultivar developed in Taiwan by pairing a wildTaiwanese tea tree Camellia formosensis with a Burmese Assam (C. sinensis var. assamica.).  The best crafted Ruby 18 leaf usually comes from Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake region.

Brewed lightly or at lower temperature, the tea exhibits an aromatic sweetness with hints of gingerbread and other spice flavors.  Brewed deeply or at high heat, yields a strong spicy tea, with notes of camphor, allspice, and deep woodiness. 

A little goes a long way with this leaf, making it economical as well as delicious. We recommend a lighter brew if you're new to this tea.

Cold brewing this tea produces an excellent, complex brew that is irresistible.


Great for: coffee drinkers, lovers of black tea wanting a step up, cold brew, tea gastronomy

Flavors: gingerbread, clove, camphor


Brew temperature: 195° or lower

Brew Time:  20 seconds to 1+ min